What We Do

Buy-side Acquisition Advice

Working as an advisor to investment groups and private investors, we assist in the acquisition of sports franchises worldwide.

Our knowledge of the global football industry and unique intelligence gathering processes allow us to be at the forefront of developments and ownership opportunities.

Our Buy-Side acquisition assistance services include:

  • Identifying opportunities based on specific investment objectives.
  • Carrying out comprehensive due diligence services.
  • Working both pre-valuation and post-acquisition to optimise performance of investment.
  • Execute strategic public relations plan surrounding the acquisition to ensure management of communication with relevant stakeholders.
  • Leveraging industry knowledge to determine appropriate valuation of an organisation and its assets.
  • Negotiating with appropriate governance authorities to facilitate legal compliance and approval.
  • Completing a full diagnostic report of the target organisation and detecting areas of value creation.
  • Delivering and managing change & implementation plans on behalf of new ownership.
  • Identifying and recruiting key personnel (athletic & executive).

Sell-side Acquisition Advice

Working directly with football club owners, our expertise allows us to offer a fully comprehensive advisory process.

Following an initial valuation that positions the asset in the market appropriately, we then use our global network of contacts – throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East & Asia – to offer the asset directly and confidentially.

Having a diverse range of potential investors as well as expertise in the football industry – we are able to pitch your club to appropriate investors who have expressed interest in similar opportunities to increase successful negotiations.

Business Plan Design & Implementation

A strong business plan can assist in the growth of a football club’s performance both on-field and off-field.

Our collective can ensure that our client’s business plans are fully optimised for success within each of their markets, taking into account their unique opportunities and threats to ensure peak performance throughout the organisation.

Our consultative review process begins with analyzing the current business model and – using the findings of our collective – delivering feedback on viability and points for improvement.

Having analysed and codified the working practices throughout every level of the organisation, we can then perform an audit and create benchmarks – using industry leaders from within and out with the football industry – to design success goals.

Our collective can then identify key issues that are currently preventing the club from achieving high performance success and design a long-term strategy framework creating a sustainable performance model.

Our collective work alongside our clients in a non-invasive manner to create a plan to sustain the reorganisation and create a high-performance model which will maximise growth and development and translate into overall success as well as build a sustainable club culture and DNA.

Performance Diagnostic Services

Our Sports Advisory services assists in optimising the performance of an organisation.

Our collective can create a roadmap to success within an organisation by setting relevant KPI’s and benchmarks to ensure long-term growth

Services are available pre-valuation (to indicate level of investment / resource) and post-acquisition (to create short-term growth and stability).


Organisations are diagnosed and clear change plan are implemented in areas of:

  • High Performance Environment Analysis / Review.
  • Governance Structures.
  • Club Culture. Team dynamics, vision, goals & values.
  • Recruitment Models and Frameworks for Staff and Players.
  • Coaching Methodology and Processes.
  • Fitness and High-Level Performance Procedures.
  • Medical Requirements and Effective Solution Models.
  • Analysis and Technology Systems.
  • Innovative Processes from other Elite Sporting Organisations.
  • Cross Pollination of Departments.
  • Supporter Alignment.

Commercial Optimisation

In a sporting landscape where commercial partnerships continue to grow in value – we ensure that football club owners and investors maximise the value of their assets in a competitive landscape.

Every sports club with a strong fanbase has a significant value to particular brands and organisation and we believe that this source of income generation is often overlooked by investors.

Revolution Sports are consistently at the forefront of developments in improved technology and innovative commercial arrangements continue to evolve to create unique partnerships and maximise your club’s commercial potential.

Elite Recruitment

Within the talent-leveraged sports industry, we have constructed a knowledge and experience base which uses unique processes to aid talent acquisition in sports organisations.

Our network extends across C-level executives, management and coaching staff as well as athlete level.

Key appointments within the sports industry demand discretion and an ability to detect an appropriate candidate who fits – and can galvanise – a football club’s particular ethos and club culture, ensuring they make a maximum impact.

With our pre- selected talent pool of experienced candidates from the global sports industry, we can quickly and efficiently deliver a shortlist of strong candidates for any position within a football club.

Sports Technology Innovation

Revolution Sports creates partnerships with sports technology companies to optimise their systems and products as well as enable them to enter the elite sports market.

Continuing to research and develop the latest innovations and processes to ensure sports organisations achieve their peak performance status.

Our sports technology innovation work has allowed us to assist in developing and re-purpose military software to the sports industry as well as guide and deliver purpose designed sports technology to the elite market.